Chubby 6-Pack
Chubby 6-Pack
Chubby 6-Pack
Chubby 6-Pack
Chubby 6-Pack
Chubby 6-Pack
Chubby 6-Pack

Chubby 6-Pack

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Small but mighty — our 450ml Chubby bottle is a must-have for any modern cocktail program or well-stocked bar cart.

BPA Free

FDA Approved


Craft Tech™ Glass

Small Bottle. Big Potential.

Every hero needs a sidekick and the Chubby bottle is ready to serve as your trusted companion.  Chubby's plump figure and ergonomic design make it the perfect bottle for craft cocktail ingredients, olive oils, and simple syrups.  Guaranteed to work well with others and never sweat the small stuff.


  • Easy-to-clean for optimal flavor and freshness
  • Made from lab-grade Craft Tech™ Glass
  • Unscrews for funnel-free filling


Bottle: Dishwasher-safe, Craft Tech™ Glass

Base: BPA-Free Polypropylene, Silicone

T-Cap: Unvarnished beech wood, synthetic cork


Brimful Capacity: 450mL

Height: 175mm (6.9")

Weight: 278g (9.8oz) 

Great for

  • Simple syrups
  • Fresh juices
  • Infused olive oil
  • Salad dressings and vinaigrettes

"We love these so much for many reasons, but mainly that it just makes maintence and cleanliness so much easier"

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