Why Crew?

Finally an easy-to-clean bottle

Handwashing sucks. We felt your pain and designed a bottle with a removable base that can cleaned more easily (especially with conventional equipment).


Every design aspect considered to make the best possible products for the job. Shatterproof glass to increase safety and durability for those who need it most.


Graduated exterior is an easy-to-use visual guide for pre-batching and inventory management–all in one place.

Craft with confidence

Imagine being restricted by what can fit through the bottom of a bottle, not what can fit through the neck.

stay organized

Reduce the chaos of a busy bar with color-coded options that identify your ingredients and compliment your aesthetic.

A sustainable approach

Reduce your impact by using products that last–products that increase efficiency and reduce water usage.

If you're curious about products that improve your program, reach out to us at partnerships@crewbottleco.com, we would love to hear from you.

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