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Our Story Founders Crew Bottle Co.

Meet the Crew

While many brands have been scrambling to create the next hot drinking trend, we've been focused on supporting the people behind the bottle: Bartenders.

We know that creating an awesome guest experience is more challenging than it looks. That's why we design products through the lens of the industry professional to support their craft. We believe bartenders deserve professional tools that make their work safer, simpler and more sustainable.

Crew's mission is to create an impact that extends beyond its products, and we're determined to leave the industry better than we found it.


Our Core Values


Our passion for improving industry standards stems from one simple ethos: great drinks bring people together. The world needs a little more connection, and we're committed to supporting an industry that serves as a platform for inclusion, diversity, and shared experience.  


Global consumers have become increasingly dependent on single-use products, and our world is reaching a tipping point. Plastic has been pouring into our oceans, rivers, and landfills; it's time to turn off the tap. By developing patent pending, reusable products and sustainable partnerships, we're charting a course toward a brighter future.


If you want to change the status quo, you have to be willing to swing for the fences. At Crew, we understand that moving the needle means we must be willing to accept the chance of failure. We're in passionate pursuit of innovation, and we're not afraid to tackle challenges head-on.