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Why Crew matters

For every Crew Bottle™ purchased, 1KG of ocean-bound plastic is prevented from entering the world's oceans.

Ocean Waste Beach Plastic

The problem.

Plastic pollution is a global challenge that requires a global response. At Crew, we recognize the impact of single-use products and we are determined to drive positive change in the industries that rely upon them. We partner with Plastic Bank because of their no-bullshit approach to reducing marine plastic debris and their continued support for communities that live downstream.

Sustainable Bottle Eco-friendly Waste Reduction

The process.

A portion of every Crew purchase goes towards maintaining a consistent, above-market rate for plastic waste. This empowers communities around the world to exchange collected plastic for money or blockchain-secured digital credits. Plastic collected through Plastic Bank is recycled and upsold as Social Plastic® to further support this sustainable ecosystem.

Sustainable Bottle Eco-Friendly Bottle Waste Reduction

The impact.

Changing the way we view plastic pollution is a critical step towards a more sustainable future. By converting plastic pollution into currency, we are creating sustainable marketplaces that have both social and environmental impacts on communities around the world. One kilogram at a time.

Learn more about Social Plastic Collection Credits™, including how to get involved in the plastic bank program.