You betcha. 

Of course!  Crew products are made with food-safe,  FDA-approved materials.

Craft Tech™ Glass is a tough, shatter-resistant type of glass.  It looks and feels like regular glass, but it's a little lighter and a lot more durable.  Similar to borosilicate, it contains boron trioxide to increase the coefficient of thermal expansion.  This simply means that Crew Bottles™ can withstand extreme temperature changes and can be safely cleaned in a modern dishwasher.

We're sorry to hear that!  Reach out to support@crewbottleco.com and we'll let you know as soon as it's back in stock.

No.  It's a separation anxiety thing. 

With love.  Craft Tech™ is dishwasher-safe and all bottle components can easily be washed by hand. 

The Crew Bottle's 20mm neck finish is specifically designed to accommodate standard pour spouts commonly used for liquor bottles and olive oil. 

Please, tell us immediately!  We want to hear about the issue and make things right. 

Reach out to support@crewbottleco.com.


Our carriers include FedEx, UPS and DHL, which means we'll find you wherever you are.

We all make mistakes.  If we act fast we can get this resolved.  Send an email to support@crewbottleco.com.

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Hey, who doesn't like bubbly drinks?  When adding fizzy liquids like sparkling water or fake Champagne, make sure you remove the t-cap when you're done prepping.  Otherwise, the bottle will become charged with pressure and the top will shoot off like a rocket.  Like a bottle rocket. 

Using old wine and liquor bottles to store fresh juices and cocktail ingredients may seem like a sustainable, cost-saving strategy but, in fact, it's quite the opposite.  Attempting to clean our more "traditional" friends requires an irresponsible amount of water, time, and other costly resources.  And because they're so tough to maintain, they often get neglected; resulting in serious consumer health risks.

Crew bottles simply offer a more sanitary, responsible alternative.

We searched the globe to find the best manufacturers for each product component.  Currently, Crew products are designed in Los Angeles, CA and our supply chain network includes both China and Portugal.  

We're always looking for smart, curious, friendly people who care about the food and beverage industry.  If this seems like you, then we would love to talk about what you're good at.  Drop us a line at careers@crewbottleco.com.