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The Hidden Costs of Well Spirits

It’s 2020 and by now, ‘well’ ought to be a four-letter word. We’ve all built drinks around ‘good enough’ well spirits, and it makes sense. With profit margins as slim as they are, well drinks seem to be a natural solution to the constant struggle of making a profitable bar program. But, as consumer taste levels seem to endlessly rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify the incorporation of the workhorse spirits that are often relegated unceremoniously to “well” status. And while we do hate to be the bearer of bad news, cheap spirits come at not-so-cheap prices, especially when we start to look at the big picture. The reality is that cheap spirits don’t suddenly become cheap when they...

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How to Make Great Cocktails at Home

There once was a time when I thought a frozen bucket of margarita mix was the best. No judgment if that's your go-to, but once you discover easy ways to make something even better, it's hard to go back. I also used to get overwhelmed with making cocktails that had more than two ingredients. If you enjoy delicious cocktails out at a cocktail bar, why not make them at home? While your house may lack the charm of an upscale bar, and you have to wait on yourself, it's worth it to take a few steps towards embracing your inner mixologist. The first step is to stock your bar with some basic tools. Once you've got those, it's time to...

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Music & Hospitality

Ah, music and bars, bars and music. They just go together. In fact, one without the other feels painfully unfinished. As a bartender of several years, you come to realize a certain auditory phenomenon: you can hear every conversation happening at the bar. Sometimes it’s a salacious tale of lovers, sometimes a business person celebrating the statistical musings of their quarterly sales report, sometimes just two friends talking shit. And those are all agreeable terms on which to pull up a stool at your local watering hole. Bars were made for shit-talk, public conversation, private conversation, catching up, first dates, breakups, business meetings, reunions. Good hospitality from a bartender is selective listening and server-guest confidentiality. If you hear someone is...

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How to Drive More Bar or Restaurant Traffic with SEO

Forget about ordering delivery. A recent study revealed Americans are eating out more often than ever. Most prefer the experience of dining in more than ordering takeout. 56% eat out at least 2 or 3 times each week. 10% of people dine out at least 4 times weekly. It's great news for restaurant and bar owners, especially if you can figure out how to turn these hungry locals into foot traffic.   94% of smartphone users search for nearby restaurants and bars when they're on-the-go. 9 out of 10 potential diners click on the first results instead of scrolling through a long list of search results. If you aren't ranked toward the top of dining options in your area, you could be missing...

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7 Easy Simple Syrup Recipes for your Home Bar

One of our four main tastes, sweetness is a critical component to a good drink, helping to balance acidity and bitterness. But adding sugar or honey to an iced drink is not that easy. A simple syrup maximizes the mixing potential of sweetness. A bar staple, simple syrup can be simply sugar water or a more flavorful foundation. Easily create your own syrup to enhance your handcrafted cocktails. Follow the guidance below to re-create one of the listed recipes or to create a more complex concoction of your own imagining. The Simplest Simple Syrup At its most basic, simple syrup is made by dissolving equal parts granulated sugar and water. Pour 1 cup of white granulated sugar and 1 cup...

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